• Zero Waste Solutions

    GESS offers sustainable and fully integrated landfill diversion waste management services designed to protect the environment and help your company focus on what matters most.

  • End of Life and Proprietary Equipment Recycling

    We work with large to medium size companies to offer proper recycling and decommissioning option for all of End of Life equipment.

  • Zero Waste Certified?

    The Earth is getting warming and the cost of waste is rising. Zero Waste certification is a key in long-term strategy to reduce the impact on the environment and simply the right thing to do!

About Us

With over 34 years of experience our services and consulting firm focus on delivering to our clients expertise in Zero Waste Management and Landfill diversion options.

Our Services

Zero Waste Management

Your one stop shop certification expertise for your Zero Waste programs.

To certify your facility as Zero Waste, we conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of you waste management, recycling and reuse programs to sustain a 90% diversion rate.

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With the increasing amount of waste that businesses and communities are generating in addition to rising costs associated with the diminishing number of available landfills, our society faces unprecedented challenges in dealing with waste management and removal.

Green Earth provides zero waste consulting to help in dealing with these issues.

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EH&S Consulting

Highly experienced environmental, health, and safety consultants deliver support services to fit your company's needs from full-service EHS programs, to staff augmentation, to site-specific EHS projects.

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Environmental Management

We provide waste consulting and management services for commercial and industrial facilities.

Our team helps train your facilities to dramatically reduce waste through custom recycling, composting and Zero Waste programs.

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Solar + Storage + Resiliency Feasibility

Implementing renewable resources such as solar PV and battery energy storage systems can reduce electricity costs and green-house gas impacts, while providing resiliency in preparation for a potential grid outage.

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Green-House Gas Emissions

Understanding what methods can be in place to reduce your impact to green-house gas emissions can be a substantial way to help prevent climate change.

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Fuel-switching from gas to electricity can reduce green-house gas emissions, provide higher efficiency appliances and reduce costs.

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Storage Services


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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Implementation

With proper workplace charging implementation, employers can help increase the convenience and affordability of driving electric for their employees. Workplace charging can demonstrate leadership in adopting advanced technologies.

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Decontamination Services

Our EPA approved decontamination processes effectively neutralize a wide range of viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants for offices, buildings and small spaces.

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Just some of the client's we've had a pleasure of working with.

Why Choose Us?

What sets GESS apart from the competition is our years of experience in developing complete Waste Management Systems uniquely designed to meet our client’s needs.

GESS has the knowledge and experience to provide a customized waste management system to fit your hazardous waste, recycling, sustainability, and zero waste goals.

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